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  • About The Masterclass

    Learn everything you need to (B)rand (R)einvent (A)lign & (G)row

    Your Brand, Business, Product or Service.

    No Gimmick, No Fluff, No Rah-Rah!

    Just 5 Weeks of VALUE Bombs for Your Business!

    Do you want to SMASH more out of your career, finance, business and life?


    Do you want to conquer new territories, start a new business, launch a new career path or up-level what you have already started?


    Are you looking for a full proof way to earn your bragging rights? Learn how to strategically turn the elements of this Powerful Audio Blue Print - THE BRAG Factor™ into SUPER ACTION with Action Strategies broken down to step by step processes to transform your business, project, product, organisation, brand or service.


    We will DIVE in deeper & tear down each Action Strategy & Process from The BRAG Factor™ Audio Training... We will Pair them up with Real-time /Real Life Case Studies. YOU will be provided with step by step strategies, tools, resources and platforms to help you create or re-create the success you want & earn your BRAGGING Rights.

    The best part - You'll learn how to Do-It-Yourself like a pro... so you can take your business, service or product Globally - on a shoe string budget, or with no budget at all. Even if your customers or clients are local.

  • What If YOU Could SMASH More of Your Dreams & Hit Your Goals?

    Now - Let's Get NAKED for a Minute!


    With so much information out there about how to hit your numerous goals, you probably think you know much more, than you can handle. And that confuses you because you don't know where to start or where to pick up from, to consistently get the results you desire.


    Yikes, I felt that way years ago, until I stepped out of my little box of "overwhelm" - and saw what other people were accomplishing around the world.


    The truth is that IMPACT drives income. Yep!


    So what if you could "relearn" other ways to do even BETTER than you knew was possible?


    What if you could gift yourself the chance, to CHALLENGE what you already know...and elevate the standards you have set for yourself.


    I have seen it happen for ME and for other VIP's I have mentored & coached.


    All the soft skills laying dormant, all the goals I wanted to accomplish, all the additional labels and titles I wanted to attach to my name, I have achieved them and proven they are possible.


    And then realised - I had more value, more worth than I gave myself credit.


    With over 25 different products & services of my own which include books, audio trainings, video courses, membership subscriptions, magazines, coaching service, and a media company that handles book publishing, audio visual production, website and graphic design, content creation and Influencer marketing + more.


    As I do the maths - Counting more than 6 figures (in passive income) for the last 3 years. I have been paid and recommended for services outside of my core claim to fame (as an actress), services I never ever imagined I could be paid for.


    I have also received what I call "goodwill currency" blessed with opportunities and partnerships that I could never pay for, or never realised I could even attract - Like that massive Billboard on New Times Square or getting Featured on CNN or Huffington Post.


    So how did I do it all from inside Africa? - I knew that I had to BRAND to attract the right attention, REINVENT ways to Uplevel my Services & Product, ALIGN with the right people who will take me to where I want to go and Find Ways to GROW globally both as an Individual Brand and as a Business.


    You too can achieve the same.

    You too have 10 times value/worth in the market place that YOU are not leveraging.


    Aren’t you sick of grinding and doing more of the same?


    Aren't you sick of hiding your genius and masking your brilliance?


    Aren't you sick of being brilliant yet broke?

    I want to show you how to SMASH your goals using The BRAG Factor™ to identify your market value, how to monetize it, package it, position it, and leverage your worth—so you can EXPAND & never have to feel powerless about the extra skills, talents, goals or vision you have.

  • Get Ready To SMASH

    the Rest of 2018

    It's Time to Use THE BRAG FACTORTM to Elevate Your Business & Earn Your BRAGGING Rights, In Just One Hour, Every Monday (for 5 Weeks) of VALUE Bombs for Your Business!

  • So - This Could Be YOU...

    Just Imagine that you could hit more of your business goals -- whether that means making more money, getting more opportunities, creating more impact, spreading your name globally, getting yourself unstuck, or helping you break through your earnings -- just by building more of your name, values, ideas, product and message to become something the world will BRAG about.

    Maybe YOU are One of The Many Who...


    • Feel like your business and brand have hit a wall recently -- because you’re not earning enough, or not creating enough opportunities.
    • Dream of more people genuinely wanting to pay for your product or service -- so you can stop selling and working too hard.
    • Wish you could go back and just redesign your website, your logo, your bio and/or whatever you’re selling?
    • Are totally done with the over-hyped “formulas” and “best kept secrets” that promise the entire world for your business, but never deliver.
    • Want to be respected as THE "rockstar" Influencer in your industry - but just don’t know where to start or how to make it happen (and you feel like you’re spinning in circles).
  • "Success does not happen by chance. It is something - YOU prepare for, plan for & work towards."

    - Alex Okoroji

  • Why YOU Should Attend This Class

    For Only One Hour Per Monday (for 5 Weeks).

    Here's What You'll Learn


    • How to strategically create a powerful brand Identity for yourself, business or product that will radically attract media attention + the Rock Star Bio/Profile that no Influencer or Journalist can turn down or ignore.
    • The step by step guide to reinvent your ideas, business or service & why reinvention should be a consistent part of your business.
    • How to create a value proposition that rocks & Make business investments that don't require physical cash.
    • Build repeatable systems in your business that convert & attracts clients.
    • Find the right people to align with, where to find them & how to connect with them + the connection cheatsheet.
    • Show you the value of formulating strategic alliance and joint ventures to help you grow your business.
    • How to cultivate & nurture your clients, customers & audience, so they keep coming back for more.
    • How to observe where you show up & how your customers/tribe interact with your product, brand or service, so you can keep growing.
    • PLUS Practical Examples, Platforms to use & Lots More.
  • The Coach

    Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress, Award Winning Global Influencer, Media Personality & Creative Entrepreneur.


    Featured in over 250 Media Platforms around the World & Currently ranked as One of the 'Top 250 Most Influential Women Leaders' in the World by Richtopia, - She is a verified Clarity Coach & Reinvention Expert impacting millions around the world with her work, message & her media platforms. She is the Creator of The NAKED Philosophy™ & CEO of The BRAG Media Company ... honoured with a Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award and a WEF Iconic Woman Award at the 2017 Annual Global Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India.


    She is listed as one of 35 Personal Brands-To-Watch 2017 (The Global List) and was spotlighted as a 2015 Global Consciousness Raiser, a 2016 Guardian Woman, RB Magazine Blogger of the Season (Spring 2015).

  • Who Should Attend This Class

    For Only One Hour Per Monday (for 5 Weeks).

    This Masterclass is For You - If...


    • You are just starting out, a new business or project and not sure what direction to take.
    • You are a soloprenuer, small business owner, or you run a start up company or an organisation.
    • You want to expand your reach, income & influence.
    • You have a full time job but you also run a side hustle.
    • You have been in the entrepreneurial game for years - but need to uplevel your efforts and scale up your business & need direction.
    • You have tried everything possible - yet success eludes you.
    • You are making bits of progress, but still need some professional guidance.
    • You are on the journey - building a personal brand & you desire more structure.
    • You have spent tons & tons of money on marketing, with no returns.
    • Your business is stagnant.
    • You are tired of trying to figure it all out by yourself. 
    • You need the blueprint to fame, money, connections, global impact & SUCCESS.
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    It's Time to Elevate Your Brand

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  • The Schedule

    Monday 9 April - 7 May 2018 at The BRAG Club Cafe

    8pm - 9pm (GMT) | 9pm - 10pm (WAT) | 3pm- 4pm (EST)


    WEEK 1: Monday 9 April

    online @ 8pm - 9pm GMT

    Strategy 1: (B).R.A.N.D.I.N.G. +

    Your Brand Map


    WEEK 2: Monday 16 April

    online @ 8pm - 9pm GMT

    Strategy 2: (R).E.I.N.V.E.N.T. +

    The Reinvention Plan


    WEEK 3: Monday 23 April

    online @ 8pm - 9pm GMT

    Strategy 3: (A).L.I.G.N. +

    The Collaboration Cheat-Sheet


    WEEK 4: Monday 30 April

    online @ 8pm - 9pm GMT

    Strategy 4: (G).R.O.W. + Your Growth Mapping


    WEEK 5: Monday 7 May

    online @ 8pm - 9pm GMT

    Your Success Pathway + Your BRAG Challenge

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