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    On Let's Go BRAG! Our Editor-In-Chief, Alex Okoroji, along with her influential guests, will lead aspiring achievers on a listening journey to explore their GOALS. BRAG means to (B)oldly (R)adically (A)chieve (G)oals & she will show you how.

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    "Creating A Life of Endless Possibility" with Guest - Frankie Picasso

    Seize the day with this season’s LET'S GO BRAG Audio Podcast!


    Listen in as BRAG Editor-in-Chief - Alex Okoroji talks with solution strategist & "mistress of the impossible", Author & Founder of The Good Radio Network - Frankie Picasso, She fundamentally believes there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved. For her, if you move past your self limitations and take action - everything you desire is possible.


    (Buy the "winter 2016" issue of BRAG and get the download of this audio - to listen later at your own convenience).


    CREDIT : Intro Music - "Tailwind - Its a Beautiful Day" by Peter Kelly  Outro Music - "Don't " by Scott Krokoff.
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