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    BRAG! Bold Issue 2018


    This edition of BRAG!, spotlights Cover Girl & Our Influencer of the Season - Adriana Gavazzoni, plus amazing insights on Personal leadership from 5 top influencers around the world, our Influencer Spotlight on Africa's Rising Leader - Muna Onuzo and exclusives from CO-Founder & CFO of Blue Ocean Global Technology - Sameer Somal, + Hot Talk with Blecyn featuring SWAAG Media CEO - Iman Oubou, List of 10 Influencers to Watch in 2018, Bonus Audio Chat w/ Jack HM Wong from Singapore, Author Spotlight on Virag Dhulia, Your Action Take-away and More.

    BRAG! Winter 2016


    This edition of BRAG!, features exciting exclusive with our Cover Girl & 2016 Influencer of the Season - SharRon Jamison, + amazing insights on SUCCESS from 10 top influencers around the world, our ABC Ambassador Spotlight on socialpreneur & digital strategist - Vanessa Mbamarah and exclusive from Nigerian Award Winning Actor & Filmmaker - John Njamah + your action take-away and more.

    + Bonus Audio "Let's Go BRAG" with Editor-in-Chief - Alex Okoroji and Guest - Frankie Picasso.

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    The BRAG Factor


    Listen to this Powerful Audio Blue Print with Action Strategies broken down to step by step processes to help you to (B)rand, (R)einvent, (A)lign - (G)row - so you can Boldly Radically Achieve Goals & Create Your Business Success. Grab your pen, paper & headphones and learn how to strategically turn the elements of THE BRAG Factor™ into SUPER ACTION to up-level & transform your business, project, product, organisation, brand or service.

    The ASK Manual


    Do you struggle with getting what you want? It is time to empower yourself with this Manual & Audio bundle that will help you understand the source of your FEAR and Give You solutions that will help YOU to Master the "Art of Asking" for What YOU want. Learn The WHEN'S & WHY's of How to ASK & Get a Yes!

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    Get $30 off this Special Bundle, & Receive 2 Digital Issues + Over 2 Hours of Action Strategy to help you Brand. Reinvent. Align. & Grow your business from The BRAG Factor Audio Blue-Print. Read Amazing Features with Our 2016 "Influencer of The Season" - SharRon Jamison + Our 2018 Cover Influencer - Adriana Gavazonni.

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