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    Everything YOU Need to (B)oldly (R)adically (A)chieve (G)oals

    THE BRAG CLUB is all about helping Creatives, Visionaries and Business Owners to build their (B)rand identity, (R)einvent themselves + their businesses, (A)lign with the right collaborators and (G)row using our founder - Alex Okoroji's tested signature business strategy -THE BRAG FACTOR™ for creating success.


    This is the place to ask questions, get feedback, network, create relationships, collaborate and support fellow Influencers to create their impact.


    It’s also the place that will help you stay accountable to your own goals - whatever they are - as we CHALLENGE members individually and collectively to strip the limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your immense potentials and earn your bragging rights - so you can make your next move, transcend your business blocks, and strategize for your future.


    We help small business owners and aspiring influencers - people just like YOU - get the clarity, information, strategy and tools they need to win & succeed.


    We're happy to WELCOME YOU to join an exclusive tribe of brilliant minds & AMAZING goal-getters, ready to map, plan, dream, and challenge their future, faster than you can imagine. We invite you to make a commitment to yourself, invest in yourself, and discover what you can create - when you're part of an ecosystem that supports your highest level of work.

  • What YOU'll Get Inside The Club!  


    Your VIP Membership Benefits


      • Welcome Package - As a member of THE BRAG CLUB, you'll receive our BRAG Essentials containing a VIP Member BADGE + Your 30 Minutes Welcome One-on-One Clarity Session + Your Goal Worksheet + an Instant Digital Bundle (E-Book & Work-Book) - STRIPPED DOWN SUCCESS for Creatives... (laced with relatable wisdom for creatives with straight forward actionable principles to jump-start their success) + Our Signature Audio Training - The BRAG Factor™ for Creating Business Success + The ASK MANUAL™ + complimentary digital copy of BRAG! Our Global Magazine for Influencers.
      • Dedicated Support - You'll be a part of a VIP network of driven, passionate, diverse influencers & entrepreneurs from around the world, who have your back and will help you reach your goals, attract your desires & navigate the roadblocks getting in the way of success.
      • Accountability - Getting results is the major PURPOSE of success! But it's very difficult to achieve results on your own without accountability. In the club, you'll be held accountable for your weekly commitments and receive ongoing support throughout the week to keep you on track towards your goal.
      • VIP Social Cafe: We serve Virtual Lattes, Hot Cappuccinos, Double Espressos, Cold Mochas & Delicious Entrees to take your Brand & Business to the Next Level in our private social hub - THE BRAG CLUB CAFE on Facebook - always there for you to make new connections, interact daily with other members, ask a question, request feedback, share a celebration or get support! Check out our DAILY PROMPTS in the FB Group to help you create more impact.
      • Group & One-on-One Coaching - During our bi-weekly check-ins, and monthly one-on-one calls, we will review your goal-lists, determine commitments, celebrate your wins & provide action steps and feedback to move you forward.
      • Exclusive Content - We have dedicated EXCLUSIVE Podcasts, Magazines, Masterclasses, Training, Chats and Q&As with experts influencers from various industries, who will give additional insider tips and advice on smart ways to take your business to the next level.
      • Media Coaching - Media is an important tool for tuning the megaphone on your achievements while screaming your message to the world. But let's face it - You could have the best ideas & the most astounding innovation - but if nobody knew you or your brilliance existed - then it's like screaming all that awesomeness into a shallow pit. Most influencers get tons of media opportunities, but many still don't know how to turn the attention they get - into real results for their brands or business. Our founder will merge her experience as a traditional celebrity, as well as her expertise as a media professional, to show YOU how to cultivate your media exposure & convert it to PROFIT. The goal is to get ATTENTION and a create DESIRE for your work, business, product or service.
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      Get Your Welcome

      Package at $14.99 only per month.

      Receive Stripped Down Success For Creatives (eBook, Work-Book & Audio) + The BRAG Factor™ + Ask Manual™ (including Audio) + Your Goal Work-Sheet + VIP Member Badge + BRAG! Magazine + Access to Our VIP Cafe on Facebook & So Much More...

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Got Questions? Yup! - We Have Answers!

      How Do I Know If I'm An Influencer or If The Club is Right for Me?

      Are you a Solopreneur, Author, Coach, Speaker, Writer, Marketer, Digital Expert, Activist, Entertainer, Artiste, PR Strategist, Media Personality or Business Owner who creates products and provides services and solutions that impact others and make them take action? - Then YOU are an Influencer & THE BRAG CLUB is the right mastermind to help YOU structure and strategically build your brand, influence & business.

      Why Do I Have to Pay to Become A VIP Member?

      As a free member, you get instant access to THE BRAG CLUB CAFE on Facebook. But to enter the VIP Member's Vault and Access Our Monthly Resources, Discounts and Live-Class - you need to become a VIP.


      To be honest - Time is MONEY. And masterminds are intimate inner circles, that need to be carefully pruned to include only the right people. Unlike most masterminds that charge thousands of dollars for membership subscription. We only ask you to make a tiny commitment to yourself. The theory is simple - If YOU are willing to invest a small monthly stipend of $14.99 on yourself - then you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. That's what we want - only serious members who are ready to do what it takes to thrive.

      How Long Will I Get The Founding Member Discount?

      If you claim your founding member price of $14.99 by Subscribing today - You will get the special FOREVER discount & continue to pay a monthly fee of $14.99 only, instead of the standard membership fee of $49 per month, for as long as your membership subscription stays active.

      How Soon Do I Access My BRAG Essentials?

      Immediately! Once you subscribe - You'll receive a Welcome Email with all your BRAG Essentials. We can't wait for you to dig into these powerful resources & start getting amazing results.

      Can I Cancel My Subscription?

      Yes - Your membership subscription is on a month-to-month basis. You are FREE to Cancel Anytime, If you feel THE BRAG CLUB no longer serves you - But we hope you don't, because we would hate to see you leave all the awesomeness we have lined up for you.

      Are There Any Physical Meetups?

      For now - The BRAG CLUB is a Virtual Mastermind & You can Join from ANY Country in the World. All Group Meetings and Live Classes are online. WE have plans to a bring a Master Class to your location & Our BRAG Success Boot Camp to your Country.

      Is Membership The Only Way to Access 'The Members Cafe' on Facebook?

      Unfortunately - YES! Even though there are lots of Free Groups on Facebook - THE BRAG CLUB Cafe is our INTIMATE Social Hub - specially dedicated to our Members only - so they can hang out, interact, ask questions & support one another. It's important the cafe includes only the best of the best, who are serious about reaching more goals & earning their bragging rights. So yes it takes a free membership to get access.

      What If I Don't Want Any Membership Commitment - Can I Still Get Access to Audio Training, Magazine & Other BRAG Essentials?

      Even though The BRAG CLUB Members get special benefits - We understand that you might not YET be ready to make a commitment. We respect that. And that's why we make our BRAG Essentials individually available at a standard retail price. You can buy the Audio Training, Magazine, Masterclass & More at our online shop.

    • Make A Commitment To Yourself!

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